In theory, digital audio connections are supposed to be less sensitive to cables than analog connections, but cable polygraph tests have shown that the audible losses of digital and analog cables are actually comparable. Even Ethernet connections, which are perfectly reliable when saving files, tend to degrade the fidelity of streamed music and video in comparison to a local file source. Wireworld has invested in decades of research, testing and development to create digital audio cables that overcome those losses to provide substantial upgrades in musical realism and enjoyment. Over a wide range of applications and price levels, Wireworld digital audio cables advance the art of preserving the natural tone quality, spatial imaging and exciting dynamics of live music.


Series 8 Upgrades

For Series 8, the upgrade to Composilex 3 and adding more strand groups has increased musicality, resolution and dynamic contrasts.

Chroma 8 Ethernet Cable
Chroma 8 Ethernet Cable
Chroma 8 Ethernet Cable
Chroma 8 Ethernet Cable

* Chroma 8 Ethernet Cable

Chroma 8 features the same advanced design as the groundbreaking Starlight ethernet cable, but with oxygen-free copper conductors. Flat, flexible and fast, this amazing cable is also easy to assemble making it ideal for installers. The enhanced, patented Tite-Shield™ design improves streaming fidelity by isolating noise in local area network connections.


DESIGN Tite-Shield Technology
SIGNAL CONDUCTORS 23AWG  |  0.26 sq. mm
INSULATION Composilex 3
PLUG CONTACTS 24K Gold-plated
NOTE 100 Ohms

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