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PRD-3S High End  Preamplifier/DAC
The PRD-3S is an essential part of Gato Audios reference system, the perfect partner for the PWR-222 mono block power amplifiers.
"S" is for Super
– the PRD-3S is anything else than the subtle makeover of the standard PRD-3. It is a highly improved and extremely high performing preamplifier designed and optimized to work with our brand new PWR-222 mono blocks. It now even features an aptX Bluetooth receiver circuit that enables streaming from computer, phone or tablet in high quality.
We changed and improved the electrical circuits and layouts in more than twenty ways, the most significant being:
Optimized mains filter
Improved general and local power supplies
New input stage
Improved line stage
New analogue stages in the D/A converter
Improved digital signal routing
Updated firmware
Improved connectors
Incorporated aptX Bluetooth module
Don't miss the opportunity to give this preamplifier a listen – we are certain that it will impress with clean, smooth and detailed pre-amplification that does not only offer built-in D/A converter and aptX Bluetooth – but also the ability to bring out the best in your setup.
Smooth analogue music
The analogue input stage is where everything begins. It not only connects external inputs and the built-in D/A converter with the output stage, it adapts impedances, adjusts levels and switches signals. A super-gentle embrace of the delicate analogue signals is important for the total performance of the preamplifier. At Gato Audio we have utilized our many years of experience in "voicing" analogue amplifiers to make this particular stage perform at its very best. We tuned the input stage to perform with a natural and lifelike sound, affecting the original signal as little as possible.
More than just a Preamp
The built-in D/A converter offers real high end performance, enabled by the use of a dedicated power supply, a balanced-drive Burr-Brown PCM1794 D/A converter, an optimized high bandwidth I/V converter, and an analogue stage with low-Q, low pass filters. All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz. This D/A converter will upgrade any digital source - such as wired or wireless streaming from your computer or CD drive - to a high end level of detail and musical performance.
Versatility and Connectivity
We had our eye on versatility and connectivity when designing this preamplifier. The PRD-3S offers not only a wide range of digital and analogue inputs, but also line outputs, a trigger signal for external power amplifiers, and a configurable home theater input. The HT input can turn the preamplifier into a fixed level preamplifier for use in a surround setup, without compromising the sonic performance.

丹麥Gato Audio  PRD-3S  DAC前級擴大機
來自丹麥的Gato Audio PRD-3 S DAC前級擴大機,型號名稱有一個「S」代表Super的意思,是全新設計高性能的前級擴大機, 而且特別適合搭配PWR-222單聲道後級擴大機。


Gato Audio全系列有一致的流線形外觀,整套擺放,尤其能充分展露北歐的極簡精緻美感。PRD-3S是不折不扣的前級,「S」Super有多項強化功能,如優化電源處理、新的輸入級、數位類比轉換當中的類比線路、更新韌體、更耐用料件…等,在外部看不見的細節處下了不少功夫。至於基本規格部分,PRD-3S DAC處理功能。DAC採用Burr-Brown PCM1794的解碼晶片,最高支援到PCM 24bit/192KHz。

DAC輸入有三組,USB端使用USB B-Type輸入,接電腦訊源非常方便,採用非同步輸入,對於想要播放Hi-Res高音質音樂檔的朋友十分方便。另有同軸與光纖輸入,可連接CD或其他數位訊源。原廠也強調,PRD-3S的DAC內建有精準的時鐘,可以降低數位輸入的時基誤差問題,讓訊號精準,聲音也就更乾淨。類比輸入預備了三組,兩組RCA輸入,一組XLR輸入;類比輸出也有三組,一組RCA輸出,兩組XLR輸出。配備多組類比輸出,最大好處就是您可以在連接後級或主動式喇叭之餘,還可連接超低音,讓系統搭配更佳彈性。

如果您使用全套的Gato Audio器材可藉由trigger link連動控制,設計了聰明的連動系統,透過設定,即便外接了劇院,也可讓前級固定輸出音量,不僅完全不影響您整套劇院系統的發聲,也不影響音質;Gato Audio不僅讓您家客廳好看,還要給您最彈性方便的多元應用。千萬不要錯過試聽這台前級的機會,PRD-3S能提供純淨的音質、流暢和細節更多的音樂質感,讓您的音響系統達到最佳效果。

Gato Audio PRD-3S
THD:< 0.001%
尺寸:325 x 105 x 420 mm (寬x高x深)

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