Aluminium Line

Aluminium Line turntables – elegant simplicity at the highest technical level

Professional quality, high-end turntables in a subtle design

Simple beauty combined with the latest advanced technology, impressive performance and brilliant tone – the Aluminium Line of turntables from Acoustic Solid provides absolutely perfect listening pleasure. High-end, functional and simply beautiful turntables! The Aluminium Line captivates not only through its aesthetics, but also especially through the vivid display of its fine acoustic structures, its optimal resonance and the combination of various expanded turntable configurations. Listen for yourself!

Acoustic Solid’s Aluminium Line is composed of four different turntable models, which are distinguished by their design, technology and features. Thus the Aluminium Line offers every turntable enthusiast a high-end record player in a most exclusive luxury design. All four turntables in the series are of high quality workmanship and will satisfy even the highest demands in turntable acoustics and technology.

The crowning glory of our Aluminium Line of turntables is the Solid Royal, which is available in a basic standard or in full configuration with a stylish stand. The Solid Edition turntable provides a mass-loaded belt drive mechanism for pure hi-fi enjoyment. The Solid Machine has been designed so that it is possible to add up to three tonearms depending on the model – thus this turntable drive sets standards in terms of sound and price. The Solid Machine Small offers the best sound at a low cost. This record player is available in polished aluminium, brushed aluminium and in an expanded configuration with up to three phono cartridges.

Questions about our Aluminium Line of turntables?

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