For optimum sound – Turntable accessories from Acoustic Solid

We stock the accessories you need to protect or fine-tune your turntable

First-class turntable and record player accessories from Acoustic Solid: For an even more refined sound quality, as well as for protecting or maintaining your exclusive, high-end turntable, we offer our customers a wide range of record player accessories. Take a bit of time to browse around our turntable accessories offering – your turntable will thank you.
Try out our Solid Weight turntable centre weight, for example. This provides a sturdier coupling of the record on the platter and thus allows for even better sound quality. For the record player centre weight itself, our Solid Weight Stand provides the perfect storage rack. Care for your Classic Line model turntable with the corresponding dust cover. Furthermore we recommend a cover cloth made from microfiber in order to protect your turntable and hi-fi components. For the perfect playback of 45 singles, we offer a 45 rpm adapter. The phono pre-amplifier will give your sound the necessary drive.

Do you want to get even more acoustically from your high-end record player? Then we recommend the Soundboard as a base under your drive and leather mats or Plexiglas mats for decoupling the vinyl record from the platter. For the optimum setting of your turntable, we recommend the following accessories:
  • a timing light to check and to adjust the speed,
  • a Solid Balance precision tonearm scale,
  • a gauge for adjusting the tonearm, or
  • a complete set of adjustment tools with a turntable strobe light, tonearm scale and tonearm gauge in a handy case. 

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