Classic Line

The Acoustic Solid Classic Line – sophisticated design for the highest turntable demands

Stylish designer record players with modern advanced technology

The Acoustic Solid Classic Line combines the look of classic vinyl record players with the technology of modern high-end turntables of the highest quality. Here the aesthetic of vintage wood turntables has been revisited, refined and equipped with advanced technology. All turntables in the Classic Line are qualitatively situated at the absolute highest professional level and fulfil the highest demands in terms of sound and technical quality.

Are you looking for a luxury turntable with a classic wooden design but do not wish to compromise on the best acoustic quality? The elegant high-end turntable from our Classic Line makes it possible. Choose from various types of wood such as tulipwood, mahogany, cherry or walnut. The applied multi-layered material not only has excellent acoustic properties but also makes our wood design turntable into an absolute visual treat.

The Acoustic Solid Classic Line provides a large range of different designs, materials and configurations for record player enthusiast customers to enjoy. Are you looking for a classic turntable? Then have a look at our Solid Wood model, which also is available in the variation Solid Wood Reference, as well as the different record player variations Solid Wood MPX and Solid Wood Black. Give your classic turntable a sophisticated touch by choosing the Solid Wood Tulipwood or the Solid Wood Mahogany turntable. Even simpler, yet no less sophisticated are the Solid Classic Wood, the Solid Classic Wood Black or the Solid 111 Wood turntable models.

For more information about our classic high-end record player turntables, contact us by email or by phone!

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