The IsoBlanket is a high density sound blocking membrane, used in the soundproofing of walls, ceilings and floors. It combines up to date technology and flexibility for sound insulation of airborne noise, and flanking noise transmission.
Bitumen based damping sheet, consisting of bitumen fillers with added mineral fillers and synthetic rubber to form a highly visco-elastic material, creating an efficient barrier against noise transmission. It's coated with a polyethylene film on both sides. This products is sold in rolls. Each roll is 6 m2 (1000 x 6000 mm) with a nominal weight of 39 kg and consists of a straightness ≤ 20 mm/10 m. This product can also be sold in pallets, each pallet with 28 rolls.
For optimum results the sound blocking membrane should be installed between plasterboard layers.
Maintenance and Storage Recommendations
  • Avoid falls and knocks
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight, rain, frost, hail and snow
  • Rolls should be transported and stored in a vertical position
  • Rolls should be raised in their pallets using a crane or stacker
  • For more information regarding transportation, handling and other characteristics, please see the safety specifications
Ecological Recommendations
The selective separation and the forwarding of the waste from the application of these products are of the sole responsibility of the applier or user and should be done in accordance with applicable legislation.
Product Composition
Oxidized bitumen membrane, based on oxidized bitumen (no tar), with or without polymer additive, charged calcium carbonate mineral. Polymer modified bitumen membrane, bitumen-based distillation (no tar), polymers Plastomeric PP, SBS and others, charged calcium carbonate mineral.
Both membranes contain polyester and/or fiberglass (a reinforcement), as well as slate, cork, sand, or polyethylene film and aluminum, and finishes.


Main Info

Ref: U00063 / (N-U63)
EAN13: 5600217588206
HS Code: 68069000
Dimensions: 6000 x 1000 x 4 mm
Weight: 39.80 kg


RW: 24.00 dB


Units per Box: 1 roll
Box Dimensions: 1000 x 200 mm
Box Volume: 0.030 m3